About Us
Reflect Bitcoin has been around for over 7 years, we started as a small company and within the past 8 years we have mastered the act of trading and we are expanding our Bitcoin mining infrastructure. We have vast community of stakeholders with affiliation in over 125+ countries across the globe. Here at Reflect Bitcoin, our primary objective is to maximize success rate and customers profit from subsequent investment. Do not hesitate to be one of our investors, you can be rest assured your marginal profit will appreciate. It’s easy, we also sell mining machines. We run an advanced infrastructure of trading bots that regulate sales and purchase as prices goes up and down on forex and crypto market according to the calculations of the unleashed chance algorithms


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Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading more than 100 cryptocurrencies. Since early 2018, Binance is considered as the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume.

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Coinmama is a Bitcoin trading platform that allows users to purchase virtual currencies online using e-wallet, credit card, debit card or cash. Coinmama also sells Ether. The company is based in Slovak Republic. Available currencies in Coinmama are USD, EUR to Bitcoin BTC, and Ethereum ETH.

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Founded in June of 2014, Bittrex is a digital currency wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with new digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and coin. Based in San Francisco, California. Coin is the world's most widely used alternative currency.

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Coinberry was founded in July, 2017 by a group of blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs as a Bitcoin ATM company. Coinberry was the first cryptocurrency trading platform in Canada to introduce 0% funding fees and 0% withdrawal fees.